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SGMS Investors Careful Buying Recent Rally

Shares in Scientific Games (SGMS) have rocketed higher since hitting lows of $3.76 in March. Currently trading at $36.48, SGMS has returned all losses since the February dip and moved higher to new 52 week highs. Lets take a closer look at recent performance in SGMS.

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Now is the time to Buy Highliner Foods

Highliner Foods is a well known fish processing and marketing company which sells products to consumers under brands such as Highliner,  Mirabel, and Sea Cuisine. Currently trading near 52 week lows at $5.56, Highliner offers a compelling buy at its current price.

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Shopify Valuation is Concerning

Having previously written about Shopify and explaining why it won’t be the next Amazon anytime soon, the shares continue trending higher. Today the stock hit a new high of $1215.00 on the TSX. This increased value extends the market cap in excess of $140 Billion, on revenue just over $1.5B.

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LULU Rally Unjustified

Lululemon has seen an upward trajectory recently increasing from $220 to $305 per share in less than a month. Earnings are fast approaching and due for release Thursday, June 11 where investors will get insight on the impact of COVID 19 sales. It is hard to justify this pandemic having a positive spin on LULU sales as unemployment spikes, malls shut down, and businesses such as dance and yoga close doors in efforts to contain the virus spread.

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Buyers Beware: Shopify is Not the Next Amazon

Shares in Shopify (SHOP-T) reached new all time highs and recently became the most valued stock on the TSX in Canada by market cap. The shares traded 6.94% higher to close at $1034.32, giving the stock a market cap of 121.26 Billion. That was enough to beat out Royal Bank of Canada (RY-T) which closed at a share price of $84.62 with a market cap of 120.50 Billion. If you are thinking of purchasing Shopify shares, buyers beware, Shopify is not the next Amazon.

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AMD Premium Price May Tank if Earnings Don’t Excite

AMD will report first quarter earnings on April 28, 2020. This premium priced stock has been one of the best performing companies on the S&P 500 over the past few years. Investors should be cautious purchasing near all time highs and consider complications if the company misses earnings. Today the stock is trading at $56.60 and has a market cap of 66 billion.

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West Jet back on Radar

West Jet released disappointing earnings on October 30, 2018, posting net earnings of only $0.40 per diluted share during the quarter compared to $1.15 per share in last years quarter. This sent the stock dropping from over $20 to under $18. Today the stock can be purchased for $18.60 and further improving conditions could see the stock move higher.

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Canada Goose – Buy the Growth or Short Fundamentals?

Canada Goose (GOOS-T) has been a hidden apparel gem these past few years for investors while other apparel companies have been pressured. Yesterday’s earnings announcement confirmed why investors love this stock: increased revenue, increased net earnings, and increased margins year over year. The company has an established consumer base that is willing to spend for a premium style product.

Upon the earnings release the company quickly opened up and gained more than 21% from the previous days trading price, hitting a new 52-week high of $95.58. How ever these gains would eventually pull back and see the company close up only 9.82% at $85.09 a share.

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Aimia Shares Enter Over Sold Territory

Shares of Aimia (AIM-T) traded as low as $1.49/share before closing at $1.53 on Wednesday. Air Canada (AC-T) released an announcement in mid May which stated they will be creating their own loyalty program and dropping the current partnership with Aeroplan rewards beginning in the year 2020. The Aeroplan program is owned and operated by Aimia. The decision for Air Canada to drop the Aeroplan rewards program has led to significant investor panic resulting in the shares plunging from over $9.00 to current levels not seen before.

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