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Month: June 2020

Shopify Valuation is Concerning

Having previously written about Shopify and explaining why it won’t be the next Amazon anytime soon, the shares continue trending higher. Today the stock hit a new high of $1215.00 on the TSX. This increased value extends the market cap in excess of $140 Billion, on revenue just over $1.5B.

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LULU Rally Unjustified

Lululemon has seen an upward trajectory recently increasing from $220 to $305 per share in less than a month. Earnings are fast approaching and due for release Thursday, June 11 where investors will get insight on the impact of COVID 19 sales. It is hard to justify this pandemic having a positive spin on LULU sales as unemployment spikes, malls shut down, and businesses such as dance and yoga close doors in efforts to contain the virus spread.

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