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Month: November 2018

West Jet back on Radar

West Jet released disappointing earnings on October 30, 2018, posting net earnings of only $0.40 per diluted share during the quarter compared to $1.15 per share in last years quarter. This sent the stock dropping from over $20 to under $18. Today the stock can be purchased for $18.60 and further improving conditions could see the stock move higher.

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Canada Goose – Buy the Growth or Short Fundamentals?

Canada Goose (GOOS-T) has been a hidden apparel gem these past few years for investors while other apparel companies have been pressured. Yesterday’s earnings announcement confirmed why investors love this stock: increased revenue, increased net earnings, and increased margins year over year. The company has an established consumer base that is willing to spend for a premium style product.

Upon the earnings release the company quickly opened up and gained more than 21% from the previous days trading price, hitting a new 52-week high of $95.58. How ever these gains would eventually pull back and see the company close up only 9.82% at $85.09 a share.

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